What Is a Jaunt with Just Jeri and How Does It Work?

Come and See For Yourself!

Choose to have an epic photo adventure!

WHAT: Jaunts with Just Jeri are outings, similar to a workshop. Learn a little about photography while traveling to photo-worthy destinations where you can then apply what you’ve learned, right away. Here’s how the fun works:

HOW: From the Schedule of Events page, you can choose a photo destination based on photography rating (beginner, intermediate, advanced), or outing difficulty (easy, moderate, difficult, extreme). Purchase the number of seats you’d like to fill. Instructions and a basic Itinerary will be sent to your email. If you are purchasing more than one seat, it is your responsibility to forward the information we give you to those who will accompany you on the Jaunt.

Jaunt Rating Info

WHEN (Events by Itinerary):

Day of the Jaunt: Arrive at the location indicated by our confirmation emails. Be early, so you don’t miss the departure – we cannot interrupt an event that others have also paid for.

Breakfast: A continental breakfast will be available to you upon arrival. (Anyone with unique dietary needs will need to make plans accordingly.)

Traveling To: As we travel to our photo-worthy destination, Just Jeri, our professional photographer will give some photography instruction based on the rating indicated for the Jaunt. If you’ve been on several Jaunts, you may experience the same instruction more than once, and we encourage you to think of your Jaunt as practice in perfecting your art.IMG_5916

Destination: While at your selected destination, you’ll be free to experience the beauty of your surroundings, capture images if you so choose, and enjoy networking with others on the Jaunt.IMG_6638

Lunch: Lunch is provided. (Anyone with unique dietary needs will need to make plans accordingly.)

Traveling From: As we travel home, Just Jeri, our professional photographer will facilitate a photography critique of a few of the images captured by those on the Jaunt. Participation is not mandatory, but quite fun. We ask that everyone keep their comments positive and encouraging to others in this learning environment.

WHY: If you feel passionate about having more time outdoors, you enjoy photography, want to learn something new, want to meet new people, have fun, or find new things to do with friends, or even just ‘mix it up a bit’ so life doesn’t feel so static, then you’ve found at least one good reason to participate in Jaunts with Just Jeri._MG_1445

WHO: Just Jeri will be your photography guide, but she isn’t alone! Steve and Tucker (their dog) will be your driver and co-pilot, respectively. Please let us know if you are allergic to dogs in advance, so we can let Tucker down gently. There will be a tip jar for our volunteers, Steve & Tucker, who mostly spend their loot on dog treats and baking supplies for the homemade bread Steve makes for each Jaunt._MG_1472

PHOTO SHOOT OPTION: If you’ve purchased an entire Jaunt, i.e. all the seats on one of these Jaunts with Just Jeri, you may add photographer services for an additional fee. This means that Just Jeri will take candid photos of you on your Jaunt so your memories with family, friends, co-workers, etc. are captured along the way, professionally.


Visit our Schedule of Events page to view upcoming Jaunts, or contact us for more information.