The Redwoods

Jaunts with Just Jeri

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Saturday, June 17th

The Redwoods

You may be familiar with the majestic Redwoods along U.S. 199 but you haven’t experienced it quite like this! Jaunts with Just Jeri is making the trek for some awesome photography adventuring. On this photo excursion, you’ll learn/practice photo composition to walk away with the very best images from a place you’ve likely felt very small. How do you take great images of GIANT Redwoods? Take a luxury ride with us and find out how these photo-worthy trees might best be captured on camera. From the hiking trails, you’ll be able to see and experience a unique kind of beauty that only a redwood forest can provide.  But wait! That’s just part of the fun; talk and network with other photo-adventurers, and get access to the secret Facebook group where Redwoods Jaunters post their works of art and comment on the things they’ve learned along the way. The RV is outfitted with everything you’ll need to be comfortable. So pack your camera or smartphone, wear comfortable active-wear clothing, and get ready for a spectacular day of GIANT photography and fun.

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