Goldfield Tours

Discover the town of Goldfield, Nevada!

Hour Tours:

We offer fun, informative 1-hour tours of specific Goldfield sights. Hour Tours are $20 per person. Currently we offer:

  • 1-hour tour of the Goldfield High School
  • 1-hour tour of the Goldfield Hotel

Call for details and to reserve: (775) 485-3783 or (541) 218-8236


Private Tours:

Paranormal Investigation

Our investigations are a one-of-a-kind ghost-hunting experience! First your private group will receive a full tour of the location complete with history and ghost stories. Then you’re turned loose to do your own investigation however you’d like (except for seances and ouiji boards—see our Investigation Rules) and we stay out of the way!

Investigations begin after dark (around 9pm) and end at 3 a.m. This is a private tour, costing a $500 flat fee to book and $40 per person* for up to 10 people. Please note: our Paranormal Investigations are for ages 18 and up.  No alcohol or drug use allowed.


You can choose from one of two locations for your investigation:


The Old High School

The old Goldfield High School stands abandoned since the graduating class of 1952. But the spirits still remain.

You may hear footsteps of the long dead teachers who taught there; moaning from the principle who kept children locked in closets for misbehaving; the spirit of a young girl who was raped there and mourns for her father who was killed by her perpetrator. Feel the spirits who haunt the school because of the tragedies that took place there.

Book a tour if you dare.

The Historical Society will receive a percentage of the cost of the investigation in the form of a donation to help restore the High School. It is in desperate need of repair to keep it from tumbling to the ground.


The Goldfield Hotel

Listen as the spirit of Elizabeth mourns for the loss of her baby and the baby wails for its mother. Keep an eye out for the mischievous children as they come up and give you a little push from behind. Feel the cold breeze of the spirits of the lady who was said to have hanged herself and the man who jumped to his death, quickly pass you in the corridor.

The Goldfield Hotel has once again opened its doors to the public for tours and paranormal investigations. Ghost hunters and paranormal buffs have been flocking to Goldfield to investigate.

Book your investigation today.

A percentage of the cost of the investigation goes towards restoring the Hotel.

*per person fee to be paid at time of tour

Historical Tour

Spend the day discovering the historically-rich town of Goldfield! This private tour includes Goldfield Hotel, High School, Fire Station, Cemetery, Diamond Field (not offered in Winter), and International Car Forest. Also included is lunch at the Dinky Diner!

Tours begin at 10:30 a.m. and usually end around 4 p.m. This is a private tour, costing a $200 flat fee to book and $20 per person* for up to 6 people.

*per person fee to be paid at time of tour


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