Crater Lake

Jaunts with Just Jeri

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Saturday, August 19th

Crater Lake, Garfield Peak

Experience the beauty of Oregon’s only National Park, the fifth oldest in the US! Jaunts with Just Jeri is cruising to this one of a kind destination for some photography adventuring. On this photo excursion, you’ll learn/practice photo composition and capture sights that many people travel hundreds of miles to see and experience for themselves. This jaunt could also be considered a double, two destinations for the price of one, because from the Garfield Peak lookout, you’ll witness Crater Lake’s crystalline waters that are rich in color, and elements of pumice desert as a surround. The lookout itself would be considered a photo-worthy destination, with gorgeous panoramic views. The 1 1/2 mile hike to the top is 100% worth it when you see Crater Lake from this spectacular vantage point, while socializing with other photo-adventurers. Plus, you get access to the secret Facebook group where Crater Lake Jaunters post their works of art and comment on the things they’ve learned along the way. The RV is outfitted with everything you’ll need to be comfortable. So pack your camera or smartphone, wear comfortable active-wear clothing, and get ready for a spectacular day of photography and fun.

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