The Purchase of The Beast

In case you're curious...

I’ve had people asking both directly and indirectly about the purchase of The Beast (that’s what we call the motorhome below because of its size). I feel very lucky that I was able to even do what what we’ve been doing; using the motorhome for my business, taking people out on “Jaunts” and sharing what […]

The Evolution of Jaunts with Just Jeri

What is a Jaunt anyway?

Sometimes I come up with these ideas that I think are oh so creative and original just to find out that they aren’t original at all. I had been getting a few requests from people to post the pictures that I take while I’m out on my little self guided photo trips. So I decided […]

Photography Has Helped Me See

Ya know what I love most about photography? It’s made my drive from Grants Pass, OR to Salt Lake City, UT tolerable. The shortest route to SLC from Grants Pass is through Lakeview to Denio, through Winnemucca to Wendover and on to Salt Lake. It’s a 800 mile journey and that’s way too long, let […]

Burning Hot Photographers

Everyone around me is on fire for photography!

I am here in Missoula and wow, I really HAVE jumped into the fire! And I’m surrounded by people who are on fire to learn every aspect of photography there is to know, And we’ve been inundated with information by those who are on fire to teach us everything they know about photography. And my […]

Photography by Fire

Eat, drink, talk, sleep photography all summer long

In just a few days I am taking a huge leap from the smoke (mediocrity) to the Fire (excellence)        by living a life of photography 24/7. I am temporarily leaving everything I know and love in Grants Pass, Oregon to move to Missoula, Montana where I will do nothing but photography all […]

Do You Feel Like A Crappy Photographer?

When I first began my venture into photography I was a really crappy photographer. For one thing I didn’t know what to take photos of. I started like most people I know; I would just take pictures of things that I saw that looked interesting to me. But when I went home and uploaded my […]

Do You Really Think Owning a Gun is Going To Keep You Safe?

As a photographer, I would much rather shoot with my camera than with a gun. I am alone a lot though, looking for the next original and sometimes illusive shot. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it’s not always safe to be alone.  I am not a ‘gun nut’. Guns are loud. I hate the recoil.  Most of all I hate […]

Training with Rocky Mountain School of Photography

After learning about composition, lighting, and how to capture images for story telling with National Geographic and two of their great photographers Jay Dickman and Jeff Vanuga, (see previous blog posts) I started looking at my photos with a much more critical eye. There were things that I found frustrating because I wasn’t familiar with […]