Avenue of the Boulders

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Saturday, April 22nd

IMG_5330Avenue of the Boulders

When Mt. Mazama erupted over 7,700 years ago, giant boulders were hurled 20 miles or more to a location known today as “Avenue of the Boulders”. You can enjoy the sights, sounds and photogenic landmarks of the boulders that (in their absence) have made Crater Lake what it is today. On this photo adventure, you’ll learn/practice the basics of good photo composition, so you can walk away with the very best images of your time at this natural attraction, Avenue of the Boulders. From the hiking trails, you’ll be able to see and experience the photo-worthy beauty that only nature can provide. Get some fresh air from the breeze traveling across the waters of the Rogue River as it runs around, by and between these amazing displays of mineral earth. But wait! That’s just part of the fun… talk and network with other photo-adventure enthusiasts while riding to our destination in the Jaunts with Just Jeri motorhome. The motorhome is outfitted with everything you’ll need to be comfortable. So pack your camera, wear comfortable active-wear clothing, and get ready for a spectacular day of photography and fun.

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