About Just Jeri

About JeriMy love for photography began when I became a part of a company (Jambot Media) that produced videos for commercial use. The outfit didn’t survive, but I realized that I had a talent for still photography which I wanted to pursue. I went to Wyoming where I was able to spend a week with some National Geographic pros, Jay Dickman and Jeff Vanuga and received lots of great hands-on experience and wonderful encouragement.

With my camera in tow I have had opportunities to travel from the west coast to the east coast, through the Rocky Mountains, back to the west coast and many places in-between, not to mention Fiji, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico and Alaska.

After completing an intensive 6 months course in technical, legal and business aspects of photography at Rocky Mountain School of Photography, I came home and opened a photo studio.

In 2016 I opened another aspect of my business called Jaunts with Just Jeri. It has given me the opportunity to teach others about photography in a unique way.

So, come on board! I would love to have you along!


Just Jeri