Burning Hot Photographers

Everyone around me is on fire for photography!

I am here in Missoula and wow, I really HAVE jumped into the fire!

And I’m surrounded by people who are on fire to learn every aspect of photography there is to know,
And we’ve been inundated with information by those who are on fire to teach us everything they know about photography.

And my head is ready to burst!

Just yesterday we had a lecture on tripods. Who knew that there was an hours worth of information about tripods?!

Our first assignment was to work on different shutter speeds (of course all in manual mode with raw images that we weren’t supposed to process) and to make creative images.

It was strange that I had a hard time with it. I’ve taken so many different kinds of photos for the last few years yet to be given an assignment on something I thought I knew was somehow intimidating. And because of that, my creative mind completely shut down and the photos that I took were all about technicality and nothing else.

And it’s going to get harder and more intimidating from here.
But I’m up to it… I think… : )

So the photos you see are technically what our assignment was but creatively, I kinda blew it.