The Purchase of The Beast

In case you're curious...

I’ve had people asking both directly and indirectly about the purchase of The Beast (that’s what we call the motorhome below because of its size). I feel very lucky that I was able to even do what what we’ve been doing; using the motorhome for my business, taking people out on “Jaunts” and sharing what I have learned over the past few years and even sharing the motorhome with others.

I started my business Just Jeri Photography about 5 years ago. But last summer I had the opportunity to get some very needed and in depth education on all aspects of photography from how to use all the functions of my DSLR to learning the business side of it. An education that has prepared me to finally feel like a legitimate business owner. I opened a studio and came up with some creative business ideas to try to stand out from all the other many photographers out there.

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I Wanted to Stand Out From the Rest

Finally my husband Steve and I came up with an idea that would help me with my goals. Not only did I need something that would make me different than every other photographer but I really wanted to do something that would get people excited and more interested in photography. Because to me, photography, and using it in your daily life, helps you see and appreciate things that you, or at least I, never really appreciated before. (See my blog Photography Has Helped Me See)

There was one caveat: I didn’t want Steve to be the one to fork out the money on our business idea for me. So we spent at least a month looking for the right motorhome and with the right price. I’ve been working for ten years to build a savings account that I wanted to use specifically toward helping us retire. We have always wanted a motorhome for our retirement years, so together we decided that the money in my savings account would be very well spent on a down payment for the motorhome. So not only would we finally have the motorhome for his potential retirement, but we would feel justified in getting it before he retired because it would be used for my business as the mobile workshop studio that we use for Jaunts with Just Jeri.

We finally found the perfect motorhome! It was much bigger than we had anticipated for retirement, but I had to have it big enough to fit enough people in it to make the jaunts work right. And the motorhome we found was actually cheaper than the one we had been looking at before we came up with the idea for the Jaunts. It seemed like an elegant solution all the way around.

I Did It!!

Although I have lots of cheerleaders, and Steve is the Captain of the Squad, I have never felt so accomplished as a business person. I’m actually making this work on my own (financially) and it has been such a huge confidence builder for me and my photography business.

The very best thing about the whole thing is that I have found a fun, unique way to share what I have with friends I’ve met and friends I have yet to meet.

So, I invite you to come on a Jaunt with Just Jeri. Come share in the adventure, the photo ops, and in making great new friends!!

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